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defcon 3/25: killswitch, siphons & existential threats

large hadron collider cranked to 'maximum redline power'*
large hadron collider cranked to 'maximum redline power'obama's veto power/killswitch over net removed in amended bill*
time to split the nsa?*
break up the nsa!*
US secret service paid tjx hacker $75k a year*
update: tjx hacker gets 20yrs in prison*
cyber-assaults bombard federal computers*
uk anti-terror police seek help from internet cafes*
acta draft: no internet for copyright scofflaws*
your health, tax & search data siphoned*
toronto man with al-qaeda ties ran extremist blog*
why cnn exec fears social-networking sites*
wireless survey: 91% of US use cell phones*
cyberattacks an 'existential threat' to US, fbi says*
cybersecurity & the 2 homelands hypothesis*
google exits china - except for part known as hong kong*
cyber-attack on US firms, google traced to chinese*
chinese media: google is tied to US intelligence*
chinese academics’ paper on cyberwar sets off alarms in US*
video: US gov uses google proxy to attack china*