Defcon 4/22: Takedowns, Lockups & Predictive Analytics

Google exposes government takedown requests*
Google exposes government takedown requestsGoogle: US demanded user info 3,500 times in 6 months*
Google hackers stole source code of global password system*
Second banker accused of stealing high-frequency trading code*
McAfee antivirus program locks up pc’s worldwide*
Crime prediction software is here & it’s a very bad idea*
Precrime in Florida: IBM’s predictive analytics*
Online game shoppers duped into selling souls*
Microsoft’s Chinese labor scandal:
There’s more trouble ahead for the rest of high tech
Cultivated play: Farmville*
9 yr-old blamed for US school system hack*
1/3 of US teens with phones ‘text 100 times a day’*
Wikileaks claims Facebook deleted its page, 30,000 fans*
Draft of secretive intl copyright treaty leaked – Confirms fears on net freedom*
Reverse-engineering artist busts biometric control grid*
‘Second Life’ players sue over illegal seizure of virtual property*
Video: Richard Clarke says private firms should spy on net*
Clarke says public aversion to regulation prevents govt from defending cyberspace*
Facebook steps up lobbying, deepens ties with intel agencies, FTC*

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