Defcon 7/15: Tracked, Traced & Databased

10 ways we are being tracked, traced & databased*
10 ways we are being tracked, traced & databasedConsumer group sniffs Congresswoman’s open wi-fi*
This is what it sounds like when the internet cries*
White House plan to safeguard cyberspace*
Cybersecurity consensus: ‘we haven’t done enough’*
NASA space shuttle firm to cut 1,000 jobs*
Hacking the electric grid? you and what army?*
Fmr. NSA exec Thomas A. Drake may pay high price for media leak*
NSA executive leaked after official reporting process failed*
Mobile phones ‘causing memory loss’*
US scientists create cloth that can listen, produce sound*
1000s of laptops stolen during 9hr heist*
Video: Teens using digital drugs to get high*

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