defcon 9/3: powergrab, spyware, surveillance & cyborgs

expanding cybersecurity powers for president provokes debate*
expanding cybersecurity powers for president provokes debatewhite house seeks to capture & archive citizens’ comments on its socialnet sites*
obama’s latest cyberspace power grab*
cybersecurity act returns with fresh coat of paint*
what’s really wrong with the cybersecurity bill?*

world war 3.0: 10 critical trends for cybersecurity*
dhs needs to plug some cybersecurity holes, audit finds*
new browser red-flags disputed facts on the web*
code for skype spyware released to thwart surveillance*
ebay to sell skype for $1.9b*
google ‘evangelist’ sees web, brain implant link*
gmail knocked offline for ‘majority’ of users*
your cyborg eye will talk to you*
i have been abducted by aliens, says japan’s 1st lady*

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