democrats stifle antiwar voices, again

from gnn: Ned Lamont’s victory over Senator Joe Lieberman in Connecticut’s Democratic primary two weeks ago has been hailed by many as a victory for the movement against the war in Iraq... But even if Lamont is attempting to rock the boat on Iraq, he is still in full defense of Israel and the country’s bloody three-week bombardment of Lebanon...

The Democratic Party doesn’t allow dissent, and like the Republican Party, they are even willing to stifle democracy in order to ensure their ascendancy on Election Day. Here in New York the Democratic Party has willfully ignored Jonathan Tasini’s popular antiwar campaign against Hillary Clinton. Tasini, unlike Lamont, is critical of the close relationship between the US and the state of Israel...

While the mainstream antiwar movement was celebrating Lamont’s conquest over Lieberman, Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s (who has been openly critical of Israel) campaign took a bullet in Georgia. Where were the MoveOn.org and the DailyKos mobs then? Certainly not demanding that their members donate money to her antiwar campaign. Was it because she doesn’t think that US taxpayers should be supporting American and Israeli military aggression in the Middle East? Is that why they are all ignoring Jonathan Tasini and others?


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