Documents reveal US funding for Chile coup

just in case you’ve forgotten… dead dictator pinochet, was installed by the CIA as part of operation condor on one of our many other september 11th events

documents reveal US funding for Chile coupfrom cnn (november 13, 2000): U.S. officials released documents on Monday acknowledging the CIA had provided covert aid 30 years ago to undermine Chile’s government, but analysts say some of the most important documents have not yet been made public.

“The documents that would be revealing … are still missing and still need to be declassified,” Peter Kornbluh, Chile Documentation Project director at the National Security Archive, told CNN. The National Security Archive is a nonprofit organization that has campaigned for release of the documents.

One document, Kornbluh said, indicates that in 1991 the CIA destroyed a file on Manuel Contreras, the former head of Chile’s secret police now serving a sentence for the 1976 car bombing in Washington that killed Orlando Letelier, a prominent Chilean opposition leader. Letelier’s American assistant Ronni Moffitt also died in the blast.

CIA officials have said the file would not have information useful to U.S. Justice Department investigators, who are trying to determine whether Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who toppled Chile’s president and then ruled the country for 17 years, also should be indicted for Letelier’s murder.

“One of the key questions raised by this document is why that file was destroyed … and what was in it that was destroyed,” Kornbluh said.

“We cannot have a full record until all the documents are released,” Kornbluh said. CIA officials, meanwhile, said only a few documents were not released.

Covert aid
CIA gave 1 million in covert aid to undermine Allende's governmentU.S. officials released 16,000 government documents on Monday, including a CIA memorandum indicating $1 million in covert aid had been given to Chilean opposition parties in an effort to undermine then-Chilean President Salvador Allende‘s socialist government.

The United States previously released 7,000 records regarding its involvement leading up to the September 11, 1973, coup led by Pinochet that toppled Allende.

Many of the documents, however, have been blacked out to protect sensitive information. U.S. President Bill Clinton had ordered in February 1999 that the documents be made public.

“Today, we are closer than we’ve ever been to the absolute truth of this incident,” Tom Blanton, National Security Archive executive director, told CNN.

White House officials said the documents were released to allow the public to determine for itself whether U.S. actions had undermined democracy and human rights in Chile.

“Actions approved by the U.S. government during this period aggravated political polarization and affected Chile’s long tradition of democratic elections and respect for the constitutional order and the rule of law,” the White House said in a statement.

Among the information contained in the documents released Monday:

• The CIA provided secret funding to Chilean opposition parties in the early 1970s to try to undermine Allende’s government.

• The funding had been approved by U.S. officials just three weeks before Allende was toppled by Pinochet.

• The Christian Democratic Party — now Chile’s largest party — and the Radical Party of the Left had received the money from the CIA. U.S. officials blacked out the names of other recipients.

• The CIA had given Christian Democratic candidates funding as early as 1964.

Senate committee findings
Kornbluh told CNN that the CIA — which provided $350,000 to help fund the coup — had not played a direct role in the coup.

CIA officials had previously said the agency had not instigated the coup, but had been aware of military plotting to overthrow Allende.

Church committee confirmed the CIA had participated in covert operations in ChileHowever, a Senate committee chaired by Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho, had confirmed that the CIA had participated in covert operations in Chile, and that the agency had attempted to foment a military coup in 1970 after Allende had been elected president.

“It is important to view these events in their proper historical context,” CIA spokesman Mark Mansfield said.

“CIA activities were conducted within the framework of what was U.S. policy at the time, and covert actions were undertaken at the direction of the White House and interagency policy coordination committees,” Mansfield said.

CIA election operation
Researchers hoped the documents would provide details of a possible U.S. government role in toppling Allende’s democratically elected government, and in support of Pinochet.

CIA COVERT SUPPORT IN FREI ELECTION DETAILED“It may be of interest that in 1964, CIA conducted a (deleted) election operation in Chile (deleted) which contributed to the election of Eduardo Frei to the presidency,” said a memo, written before March 1969 elections.

Allende was Frei’s main opponent in that election. Frei died in 1982; His son, also named Eduardo Frei, is Chile’s immediate past president.

Last year, Clinton ordered U.S. government departments and agencies to find documents to highlight human rights abuses, terrorism and political violence in Chile before and after the coup.

The order was given after Pinochet was arrested in London pending an extradition request by a Spanish judge, who sought to put the former Chilean leader on trial for rights violations.

Pinochet was released due to poor health nearly 500 days later. He was returned to Chile, where he faces trial for abuses that prosecutors allege he committed during his years in power.

Relatives of Chile's missing dissidents watch televised reports of the hearing in LondonProsecutors have said 3,000 people either were killed or disappeared under Pinochet’s administration.

“With these documents, the history of U.S. intervention in Chile and our support for the Pinochet regime can begin to be rewritten,” Kornbluh said.

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    My cranium gray matter says impeachment but there must be another way?

    Amy & David Goodman’s book:
    “Static” Just one particular page is 153 which talks about torture:
    President Bush declared on December 15, 2005 that the legislation he was signing, after fighting it for months, made it “clear to the world that this government does not torture.” But the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 (the McCain amendment) had been almost completely eviscerated by that point. At the insistence of Republican senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, with the acquiescence of Michigan Democrat Carl Levin, the bill stripped Guantanamo detainees of the right to challenge their detentions in U.S. courts, thereby reversing a landmark decision that explicitly affirmed these rights for the detainees. So while the act bans torture, Guantanamo detainees, who UN Investigators, among others, confirm are being tortured by their American captors, have no way to enforce the law. Page 154, two weeks later, “December 30, 2005”, President Bush issued a “signing statement”. “The executive branch shall construe [the law] in a manner consistent with the constitutional authority of the president … as commander in chief.”

    Impeachment: The silent “I” word.
    In other words, President Bush was able to disregard the legislation he signed into law two weeks earlier because he was the President? Now one year later the public is in the bliss of signet anesthesia. Americas must blame themselves for allowing Nancy Pelosi Henry A Waxman, Tom Lantos and the media to be silent in using the “I” word.

    Connection between the Vietnam War and Iraq war.
    One year one month and another media silent Anniversary?

    From Scott Shane of the New York Times News Service
    Friday, December 2, 2005.
    Page A8:
    The National Security Agency releasing hundreds of pages of long-secret documents on the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident that played a critical role near the beginning of the Vietnam War.

    The material was posted on the Internet at midnight Wednesday included one of the largest collections of secret, intercepted communications ever made available for study. The most provocative document is a 2001 article in which an agency historian argued that the agency’s intelligence officers “deliberately skewed” the evidence passed on to policymakers on the crucial question of whether North Vietnamese ships attacked U.S. destroyers on Aug. 4, 1964. Based on the mistaken belief that such an attack had occurred, President Johnson ordered air strikes on North Vietnam, and Congress passed a broad resolution authorizing military action.

    The historian, Robert J. Hanyok, wrote the article in an internal publication and it was classified top secret despite the fact that it dealt with events in 1964. Word of Hanyok’s findings leaked to historians outside the agency, who requested the article under the Freedom of Information Act in 2003.

    Some intelligence officials said they believed the article’s release was delayed because the agency was wary of comparisons between the roles of flawed intelligence in the Vietnam War and in the war in Iraq. Hanyok declined to comment on Wednesday. But don Weber, an agency spokesman, denied that any political consideration was involved.

    “There was never a decision not to release the history” written by Hanyok, Weber said. On the contrary, he said, the release was delayed because the agency wanted to make public the raw material Hanyok used for his research.

    “The goal here is to allow people to wade through alll that information and draw their own conclusions,” he said.

    Thomas S. Blanton, director of the National Security Archive at George Washington University, called the release of the document “terrific,” noting that the eavesdropping material known as signals intelligence, or signet is the most secret information the government has.

    “NSA may be the most closed mouthed of all U.S. government agencies,” said Blanton. “The release of such a large amount of signet is unprecedented.”

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    Signet Anesthesia,

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