dog food tastes just like pâté

dog food tastes just like pâtéfrom cbs: If the recession gets worse, we may be eating dog food for dinner. Don’t laugh. It’s apparently tastier than you’d expect. In the last few years, organic dog food made with human-grade free range meat and fresh vegetables has spiked in popularity among health-conscious shoppers. Some companies even claim, for instance, that “humans actually taste our foods, as part of our QC process!” What’s surprising is that some of the new organic dog foods taste as good as (or as bad as) similar human foods, like liverwurst and duck liver mousse, according to a working paper [508kb PDF] circulated on Friday by the American Association of Wine Economists. The paper is titled “Can People Distinguish Pâté from Dog Food?” and it concluded that, well, they can’t.

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