Dover Air Force Base Ordered to Restart Water Fluoridation

Dover Air Force Base Ordered to Restart Water Fluoridationfrom Dover Air Force base in Maryland stopped adding fluoride to their water system in 2007. In 2010, they reported this in their water quality report. After this knowledge became public the Air Force issued new orders three months later that forced the base to restart fluoridation. The news could also have resulted in defense department orders to fluoridate more bases and facilities. In 2007 the base stopped supplying water to the housing units where the military families live. A private company had purchased the housing and a non-governmental company took over supplying non-fluoridated water to the housing units and the public school on the base. The base now says they had no requirement to add fluoride in 2007, so they stopped doing it. They are unwilling to say anything more about why they stopped in 2007. It’s likely that the PEW Children’s Dental Campaign heard about Dover. PEW is an advocacy group that pushes for more mandatory fluoridation. They convinced the defense department to force more military bases and facilities to fluoridate their water.

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