“Dow Chemical Resort Menu” Poem by Erik Moshe

One of our editors over on Holy Hexes got a poem published recently on the Project Agent Orange site!:

Agent marmalade rarely quenches thirst
our Advisor of Native Beverages recommends
trying the lemongrass mortar, or the ginger hollow tips
Saigon cinnamon tear gas beads
the chili, lime and basil death powder added for ‘taste’
Cellophane noodles should seldom be bio-toxins
Warning: birth defects may cause a lack of appetite
The rumbling of the low flying planes…
(the drones that replaced them)
The fizzle pop of a barrel being broken open…
(aaaaah, the refreshing scent of aspartame soda)
Out flows the sparkling marmalade
to the diabetic souls below…

Monsanto is merely a generous Thanksgiving guest!
Thanks for genetically modifying the natural order
Thanks for donating all those free beverages to the Vietnamese
Thanks for tainting the world’s food supply
You are truly an iron chef to be reckoned with… (for your weapon list)
It’s only logical that you get disconnected from the food network

Justice is needed
to prevent World War M
and to counter it, we unleash the atomic bong of humanitarian truth.

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