‘drive out the bush regime’

'drive out the bush regime'from news24: Hundreds of people called the Bush administration’s policies a crime and held up yellow police tape in front of the White House amid a nationwide day of protest against the president.

The 500 demonstrators were among many who gathered for similar events on Thursday in more than 200 cities to protest President George W Bush on issues ranging from global warming to the war in Iraq.

“We are turning the corner in bringing forward a mass movement of resistance to drive out the Bush regime,” said organiser Travis Morales with the activist group World Can’t Wait…

‘This war should be over’

Anti-war protesters gather in New York, elsewhere, bash Bush
from ny daily news: From longtime activists to toddlers, thousands of protesters clogged streets around the country Thursday to speak against the war in Iraq and the Bush administration…

Lydia Sugarman, 82, from Manhattan, also protested against the Vietnam War and for women’s rights. She said she was a strong believer in the power of demonstrating.

“That’s how we got our civil rights,” she said. “If we didn’t protest we wouldn’t be Americans.”

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