Drone: Episode 3 Best Yet

Episode 3 of Drone online series is perhaps best yet! Production values are a mix of gritty Mad Max world of survival with plenty of hard-ware and a cyber reality almost as riveting. Episode is “shoot em’ up” heaven! In 2023, Drone unit 237 has already seen too much in war and subject to shutdown. Nissen (Lance Reddick) leads black ops group to apprehend 237, but has eluded capture thus far with aid of programmer Jay (Kenneth Choi). Jay and 237 are discovered in tunnel during an on-the-run repair and upgrade session, then, all hell breaks loose! You’ll have to watch to see what happens in tunnel showdown. Special effects are top of the line! Hats off to a fine effort and can’t wait for next Drone snippet! You can catch previous episodes at YOMYOMF.

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