Drone With 80,000 Volt Taser Is Worrying Glimpse Into Future

from huffingtonpost.com: A drone affectionately called ‘CUPID’ has been equipped with an 80,000 volt taser and has successfully killed taken out a human, helpfully mapping out the sci-fi predicted future of humanity…
CUPID —> Robocop —> Skynet —> Terminators —> No more people.
Designed by Chaotic Moon, the Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone (y’see?) was effectively demonstrated on an unfortunate intern at the South by Southwest festival.
To put the shock into perspective, regular police tasers use 50,000 volts so 80,000 is a significant boost.
In honesty, it’s slightly ominous the video clip ends before showing said intern actually getting up…
So, what’s the point? Well aside from selecting only the toughest and most committed of intern candidates, its creators obviously envisage a law enforcement role for the drone.

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