drugwars: industrial hemp & letting drugs in

reps paul & frank introduce bill to legalize industrial hemp (again)
reps paul & frank introduce bill to legalize industrial hemp (again)from raw story: One of the earliest plants domesticated by man may be on the verge of a resurgence in popular production across the United States. Industrial hemp, a non-drug variety of the cannabis plan, used for centuries for its versatile fibers, is the subject of a new bill filed by Congressmen Ron Paul (R-TX) and Barney Frank (D-MA). They and eight cosponsors, both Republican and Democrat, hope to legalize the plant so American farmers can begin supplying fibers for a wide array of products, with the overreaching goal of opening a new sector in American agriculture. To view the bill’s status, full text and list of sponsors, or to follow new developments, visit Govtrack.us. “It is unfortunate that the federal government has stood in the way of American farmers, including many who are struggling to make ends meet, from competing in the global industrial hemp market,” said Representative Ron Paul during his introduction of the bill and in a media advisory issued by advocacy group VoteHemp.

flashback: industrial hemp farming act introduced in congress

this is the truth on drugs … any questions?
from dave sirota: Finally, a little honesty. It started with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stating an embarrassingly obvious truth that politicians almost never discuss. In a speech about rising violence in Mexico, she said, “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade,” and then added that “we have co-responsibility” for the cartel-driven carnage plaguing our southern border. She’s right, of course. For all the Rambo-ish talk about waging a “War on Drugs” that interdicts the supply of narcotics, we have not diminished demand — specifically, demand for marijuana that cartels base their business on. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Americans spend about $9 billion a year on Mexican pot… “The elephant in the bedroom in many discussions on the criminal justice system is the sharp increase in drug incarceration,” [Sen. Jim Webb] said in a speech, later telling the Huffington Post that pot legalization “should be on the table.” Finally, a little honesty — and now, maybe, some action.

dobbs concludes US allows drugs in
from american patrol report: Last night [apr6] Lou Dobbs agreed with the President of Mexico that drugs are flowing into the United States because our government permits it. President Calderon said U.S. corruption permitted drug imports. “If there is traffic in the United States, it is because there is some corruption in the United States,” Calderon said. Dobbs agreed. “…there is no other explanation,” Dobbs said, “It goes well beyond indifference and apathy, but the fact that this country has tolerated that border being violated by drug traffickers who bring in from Mexico methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and marijuana – in fact, Mexico is the largest source. And for us as a nation to have tolerated the immense loss of life, the devastation of lives to addiction and drugs, most of which, again, originate in Mexico, can only be explained by corruption.” Lou Dobbs is right, there is corruption, but it is mainly political. Drugs are allowed into the country because the ruling class is willing to sacrifice its citizens on the alter of globalism. American Border Patrol has shown that the new border fence began cutting off smuggling routes and that led to the Mexican drug war. But the establishment doesn’t want the fence, so they blacked out ABP and its reports, and that includes those who run Lou Dobbs Tonight. There is something even worse, but more on that later.

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