dutchsinse geiger counter reads 73.2 clicks per min in idaho

Our radioactive weekend continues with Dutchsinse taking readings on a radioactive road trip! Do you recall when camping involved Coleman stoves and lanterns, a tent, sleeping bags and groceries? Dutchsinse may be a trendsetter where a geiger counter for measuring radioactivity levels on site seems essential? Highest readings recorded on Dutchsinse’s radioactivity measurement trip, appears to be 73.2 clicks per minute at Craters of the Moon park in Idaho, which seems to be only background radiation, according to McGill University website? In Pendleton, Oregon, Dutchsinse reads 55.7 cpm on his counter! A geiger counter reading over 400 clicks per minute considered contamination. The readings from an independent source are reassuring as they appear to show low radioactivity?

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