Dutchsinse Takes Flak for Joplin Tornado Forecast

Dutchsinse Takes Flak for Joplin Tornado ForecastDutchsinse must be over the target if he’s taking flak! A check of Joplin, MO tornado seems in order and Dutchsinse defends his radar reads in his own state. The radar reader failed to single out Joplin, but his videos remain instructive. Storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski also does a heroic job recording event with his chasercam, “a large destructive tornado on the southwest side of Joplin”. Piotrowski’s storm chase video is two minutes of adrenaline, “get the sirens on…get the sirens on!” But there are no sirens! It’s an ominous sign for the latest count is 116 fatalities. Over the weekend, Dutchsinse’s videos would’ve made anyone aware of a possible tornado in the area. Hats off to both of these efforts!

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