earth 2100: depop agenda on primetime tv

earth 2100: depop agenda on primetime tvfrom information liberation: After watching ABC’s Earth 2100 tonight [jun3] I could not help but feel the sense of the New World Order’s hand on bringing this to television. Although it comes off as a hypothetical representation of the possible future of Earth in the next hundred years, the story behind the story is simply “depopulation”. With the environment as a front, which is often the case with the New World Order’s Agenda, the Illuminati’s premise of the Human Condition as the enemy and the need to decrease us in order to sustain this planet is clear and present see the Georgia Guidestones. You will notice the many references to the population explosion mentioned throughout the film. The potential reason for the FEMA camps and coffins might be explained with a surge in environmental refugees fleeing to the United States. Seclusion, separation and even killing of the same refugees by armed Border Police in mass executions. Not to mention the number of deaths that would occur in the refugee camps from disease and hunger would also potentially be in the hundreds of thousands.

related: center for a new american security‘s ‘clout & climate change war game [5.4mb PDF] ‘ featured in earth 2100

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