easy bake oven of the robot apocalypse

easy bake oven of the robot apocalypseNavy puts scare into writers at the Danger Room with references to “programmable materials“. DARPA research includes a self-folding orgami that can turn into a small boat or plane. It may not seem threatening to have printed circuits fold into paper-like boats or planes? It’s still worrisome that DARPA believes swarms of mini-bots can mimic the appearance of a human being with little more than computing power of a laptop and 3-D Desktop manufacturing. It’s the same tech behind the 3-D object printer, Makerbot. “In the hands of intelligent robots, though, think of this more as the Easy-Bake Oven of the robot apocalypse.”

A period of transhumanism approaches where “tranny” will mean a being or entity who has crossed and left humankind behind. Will there be new castes? A stratification of transhumans, cyborgs, cybots, almost humans and an underclass of unaltered humans? It’s all about control. Programmable materials are desired as controllable by the elite. Human beings with spirits are not so easily controlled. Oligarchs care only about control, and if they have to, will wipe out the soul of mankind to maintain it!

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