econocrash: dead malls, dead dollars & dead ceo’s

the world’s largest shopping mall – is empty*
the world's largest shopping mall - is emptyuk faced ‘bank runs, riots’ as rbs & hbos neared collapse*
timmy’s telephone travesty:
geithner only talks to goldman, citi & morgan
‘death bonds’: wall street’s shocking new plan to reap billions off dying americans*
kaptur: there has been a financial coup d’etat*
US dollar: condition terminal*
dollar reaches breaking point; banks shift reserves*
gold: the big picture*
debunking the ‘too big to fail’ myth*
media mogul sumner redstone to sell nearly $1b in stock, maintains empire*
dow closes above 10k for 1st time in more than a year*
geithner aides made millions on wall street*
lazard ceo bruce wasserstein dies at 61*
goldman sachs breaks record with $16.7b bonus pot*
ongoing coverup of the truth behind the financial crisis may lead to another crash*
oil settles above $75, sets new 2009 high*
video: federal reserve exposed by richard belzer*

update: fdic fund in the red until 2012*

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