econocrash: the fed, failure & dumping the dollar

rep. ron paul’s bill to audit the fed ‘gutted’ in committee*
rep. ron paul's bill to audit the fed 'gutted' in committeerep. watt guts bill to audit the fed*
ron paul: be prepared for the worst*
cit files for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection*
9 more US banks fail; $2.5b hit for fdic*
govt issues record $87m fine to bp*
econ chair at george mason uni: politicians aren’t prostitutes … they’re pimps*

g20 meeting in scotland this week about dumping US dollar*
g20 meet to finalize dumping of dollar?*
how foreign lobbies & elites ‘bought’ US*
video: how goldman secretly bet on the US housing crash*

11/4 updates:
profit ‘not satanic,’ barclays says, after goldman invokes jesus*
half of US kids will get food stamps, study says*
gold hits a record near $1,100*

11/5 update:
US unemployment rate hits 10.2%, highest in 26yrs*

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