econocrash: fictitious, fdic, figureheads & the fed

video: trader says markets are manipulated & volumes ‘fictitious’*

regulators shut down banks in florida, new jersey, ohio, oklahoma & illinois; 69 & counting for 2009*
could the great recession lead to a great revolution?*
video: geithner won’t rule out new taxes for middle class*
obama admin won’t rule out raising taxes on middle class*
“in the new world order of job searches”
alumni use old school ties to find work
poll: 3 in 4 americans want a federal reserve audit*
prominent financial writer says big money boys call the shots, president is a ‘figurehead’ & all politicians ‘mere pawns’*
skip the happy talk; this depression is just beginning*
video: kokesh says ‘federal reserve is a govt scheme’*

update: post office reports $2.4b quarterly loss*

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