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econocrash: goldrush, glitches & the recipe for disaster

obama's feeble dollar sparks a new goldrush*
obama's feeble dollar sparks a new goldrushfed sets attack dogs on ron paul after audit amendment passes*
end the fed rallies across america*
fury as credit crunch civil servant lands rothschild job*
canadian bankruptcies soar 43%*
'glitch' could cost a million jobless*
student protests continue at california universities*
wave of debt payments facing US govt*
fed under fire as public anger mounts*
jpmorgan chase bankster dimon mentioned for treasury post*
imf warns second bailout would 'threaten democracy'*
the recipe for disaster:
historically 25-30% unemployment is when things start to get real ugly
gold hits record high against dollar*
state unemployment rates rise*
watch an animated map of the decline:
the geography of a recession

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