econocrash updates: derivatives, threats & debts

video: federal reserve cannot account for $9 trillion*
federal reserve cannot account for $9 trillionUS foreclosures hit record for 2nd month*
economists’ letter says what went wrong*
fdic, jpmorgan seek ouster of wamu stakeholder suit*
obama releases tax increase playbook*
wash gov ok’s tax cut for newspapers*
treasury asks for control of derivatives market*
sony suffers 1st annual loss in 14yrs*
gm & chrysler to cut up to 3,000 dealers*
the secrets of the federal reserve*
schwarzenegger may release 38k prisoners early due to budget crunch*
paulson memo warned banks to take aid or be ‘exposed’*
gm to export china-built cars to US*
carlyle groups settles in ‘pay to play’ scandal probe*

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