econocrash updates: fdic, doomsday, farmland & bulldozers

fdic shuts down 4 banks: 20 banks closed in 2010fdic shuts down 4 banks: 20 banks closed in 2010*
fdic says list of troubled banks at 16yr peak*
citigroup warns customers it may refuse to allow withdrawals*
govt watchdog group: ‘doomsday here for illinois’*
marc faber: ‘buy farmland & gold’*
video: frustrated owner bulldozes home ahead of foreclosure*

2/25 updates:
greenspan: financial crisis worse than great depression*
did ron paul just play a clever game with the fed?*
wall street bonuses jumped 17% after bailouts*
cities shortening yellow traffic lights for deadly profit*
banks move aggressively to increase credit card profits*
blockbuster collapses: shutting down 500 stores in desperate bid to save $200m*
ex-madoff operations director arrested by fbi*
unemployment claims surge 20% in 2 weeks*
US senator warns of ‘financial meltdown’ risk*

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