Econocrash Updates: Fed, Failure, Welfare & the New Ghost Towns

Massive bank failures due, says oversight panel*
Econocrash Updates: Fed, Failure, Welfare & the New Ghost TownsObama appoints CFR/Trilateral/Fed operative to debt panel created by another executive order*
IMF chief pushes for more power, new global currency*
Dodd proposes giving fed the task of consumer protection*
Exposing the great american bubble barons*
IBM layoffs blamed on offshoring*
American reliance on govt at all-time high*
Whistleblower: pursuit of Madoff was a ‘death sentence’*
Harry Markopolos: don’t trust your government*
New ghost towns in West Virginia: industrial communities teeter on the edge*
Rat-out a tax-cheat, collect a reward*
Officials puzzle over millions leaving Afghanistan by plane for Dubai* New World Order is moving in*
Nobel Prize-winning economist: Federal Reserve is corrupt & undermines democracy*
Webster Tarpley – financial warfare exposed:
Soros/Sachs hedge funds attack Greece to smash Euro

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