election?, stagflation, cs gas, thermobaric & bali bomb

the election that might not happen
the election that might not happenfrom common dreams: It’s springtime in American politics. It’s only early March, but there’s a giddy, hopeful feeling to this election season, a sense that new leadership is blossoming. We could have a Democrat in the White House next year. But winter isn’t over yet and we need to balance our hope with a little fear. In 2000 Bush and Cheney stole the election in Florida. In 2004 they played dirty tricks in Ohio. In 2008 could they go one step further — and suspend the election altogether? The necessary architecture may already be in place… Even with this architecture in place, the Bush administration would need a trigger to declare a state of emergency. One can imagine several possible scenarios…

lou dobbs: US heading for stagflation crisis
lou dobbs: US heading for stagflation crisisfrom paul joseph watson: CNN host Lou Dobbs says the U.S. economy is heading for a stagflation crisis as a result of the U.S. government’s policy of dollar depreciation and that the only solution is for the American people to restore a proper Constitutional system of government. Dobbs told The Alex Jones Show today that the decline of the dollar was, “a clear signal as to how much trouble this economy is in,” added to a 9 trillion dollar national debt and a 6 trillion dollar trade debt.

uk police use cs gas to break up schoolgirl fight
uk police use cs gas to break up schoolgirl fightfrom daily mail: Parents hit out at police for ‘putting their children’s lives in danger’ after they blasted 15 schoolgirls with CS gas spray near a busy road. A complaint has been made against Avon and Somerset constabulary by one of the parents after the riot gas temporarily blinded her daughter outside the school in Bristol… Police said the officer concerned was single-handedly dealing with a melee involving 15 people, and that gas was the best option.

israel using prohibited ‘thermobarbaric’ weapons
israel using prohibited 'thermobarbaric' weaponsfrom people’s voice: Not content with their massive blood-letting and maiming mission last weekend, the Israelis couldn’t resist nipping back into Gaza last night for more of the same. Not that the British government seems to give a damn about the murder and mayhem being visited on the Gazans. Our foreign secretary David Miliband said: “I condemn the rocket attacks against Israel. These are terrorist acts. They should be seen for what they are – an attempt to break the political process by breaking the will of those committed to peace.” … So can we take it that he also doesn’t give a damn about thermobaric weapons and whether his US and Israeli chums are using them against civilians? The question arises because I have just received from Gaza’s Ministry of Health a report into the effects of prohibited weapons Israel is suspected of using.

bali bomber claims cia/mossad involvement
bali bomber claims cia/mossad involvementfrom paul joseph watson: The ringleader of the Bali bombers claims that the attack on the nightclub district in 2002 was much larger than he had expected and that the only explanation for so much carnage was that the bombers were aided by the CIA, KGB or Mossad. Imam Samudra, the alleged mastermind behind the attack who also chose the targets, told the London Times in an interview that the second explosion was bigger than the bombers had expected and the attack killed far more people than originally intended.

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    July 28, 2011
    I know its three years later, but since Jews and Israel are evil demons, and the Lebanese and Gazan doctors siad it was so, then it must be true. But, you know, Israel has its insurance policy and there will never be another Jewish Holocaust. So, those who persist in demonizing Jews and Israel, will force Israel to cash its insurance policy thereby placing the Jew haters closer to their own extinction.

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