Electronic Harassment, Mind Control Alleged in DC Naval Yard Shooting

Are Americans so mentally anesthetized to accept Aaron Alexis as another “lone gunman” scapegoat in  recent Naval Base shooting?  Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero host, chimes in recent article, “the term ‘lone gunman’ has been an abused axiom in situations like this…” Mainstream media propaganda has lost potency in its ability to sway public.  A greatly diminished influence as attested by “declaration of victory” from alternative media, sidelining for time being another war in Syria.  Against this backdrop, a direct response approach to fighting off conspiracy theorists, means allegations made in alternative media are gaining ground and forcing themselves into the discussion – and rightfully so!   Mandama004 in her You Tube video above, The Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shooting Hoax, provides, one example, how widespread suspicions harbored in minds of the public.  It’s pertinent to note, how fast links are removed as Mandama004 attempts to bring up sources.  You Tube summary provide questions asked by Mandama004:

“Was Aaron Alexis a victim of ‘gang stalking’? Perhaps the tires he shot in 2004 were not of actual construction workers. Perhaps the ‘misfire’ in 2010 was actually an attempted shot at someone who was not actually his neighbor. Nothing can be ruled out with this ‘black out’ information. It is interesting that he is African-American. This seems to be fueling the media-based race war that the Government is creating. Remember, the best way to ‘keep us in line’ is to keep us divided. We are too strong when we are truly united.”

In a pointed observation, Mandama004 observes all the guns involved are available to average citizen: handgun, shotgun and AR-15. You can almost see Diane Feinstein putting her seal of approval on gun-grab agenda?  The present writer suspects Aaron Alexis played only a role in shooting 42 days after reporting electronic harassment – possibly, another form of coercion to keep people in line – enforced  by military interests.  Alex Jones stated in recent broadcast, “you can’t get into Naval Yard with bad credit,” believes Alexis allowed to keep clearance.  Clyde Lewis in recent Ground Zero episode suspects a script:  wrong ID on perp as in Sandy Hook case, 12 victims, one perp?  Is the number 13 an occult signature to tip off those in the know?

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