elenin extravaganza: next window sept 22 – oct 1

elenin extravaganza: next window sept 22 - oct 1A weekend Elenin extravaganza begins with 9Nania’s forecasts, who made her name with 3-9 forecast two days ahead of Japan’s 3/11 quake. A fan compilation of 9Nania greatest hits can be viewed here. A recent video takes viewer step by step through previous Elenin alignments, dating to Feb. 27, 2010, which coincided with Chile quake. The ten year researcher observes quakes and pole shifts occur during spring and fall alignments (approx. every 188 days), she also suspects a large dark object following behind Elenin. The most recent prediction of a quake to coincide with fall alignment, did occur in Fiji on Sept. 15th. 9Nania warns of window from Sept. 22 to Oct. 1 because of next alignment with Elenin (pictured). Obama’s scheduled visit to Denver on Sept. 26th, may be to seek shelter under Denver International Airport in Deep Underground Military Base there, according to 9Nania, who also points to NASA now projecting reentry burn of large decommissioned satellite in the same time frame. 9Nania has her detractors, but anyone with a rational facility, wants to consider coincidences between alignments and quakes!

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