Elisa Lam, Ringu, Dark Water

Are there public satanic rituals? The death of Elisa Lam – last seen in late January – provides grist for conspiracy mill. Chris Carrington admits in “A Very Odd Set Of Coincidences In Downtown LA,” “…like a piece of cotton candy, it all kind of sticks together but there is nothing at its core. Carrington senses a tie to recent tuberculosis outbreak among the homeless in area, “… the TB cases, where do they fit into all this? Well, the test being used to check for the disease is the Lam Elisa test.” Is this an instance of synchronistic toponymy? Also, there’s a clear parallel to 2005 movie “Dark Water,” which also “…centers around a hotel where a decomposing body is found in the water tank. The name of the main character is Dahlia and her daughters name is Cecilia.” YouTube video above, “Elisha Lam, Ringu, Dark Water,” sees even more parallels. S K Bain treats topic of public occult rituals in his work, “The Most Dangerous Book in the World.

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