epic of gilgamesh: a narrated audio version

epic of gilgamesh: a narrated audio versionA reading of a semi-divine Sumerian King’s search for immortality, the Epic of Gilgamesh, is available here. Thanks goes to Helvis213 for his effort in this well done production. There are other epic tales available at Helvis213’s You Tube Channel. The modern version of Gilgamesh’s adventure starring Dubya, while not quite an ancient epic, will provide five minutes of laughable entertainment. You may begin a very nice reading of the original epic, an interpretation of 12 clay cuneiform tablets with tablet titles in a relaxed laid-back manner by just clicking here. You may ask why the most ancient epic is included on this website find out by reading a previous post here. Gilgamesh and android companion Enkidu’s adventure (pictured: Enkidu to left) takes them in search of not one but two spaceports!

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