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Episode250b – All Apologies

Media Monarchy: Episode250b - All Apologies"I was hanging over your shoulder, singing in your ear" on the epic b-side to Episode250 from Media Monarchy w/ time for change, expanded roles, Whitney's wealth and the 'I Have Nothing'/'How Will I Know?'/'Gimme the Finga' Newspurges + kIlluminati pimping, accomplices and pop occulture on Holy Hexes - disaster cooking, state agents and king cake on Food World Order - daily drones and strange metal boxes in Cyber/SpaceWar - music by Cursive, Black Sheep, Whitney, Placebo and much, much more...

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  1. Hey James, really glad to hear you back on the air waves, and I am sure the time off was much needed (even if it did mess up my saturday schedule 😛 )
    I am looking forward to learning with you in this new phase of your career and hope that it leads to bigger and better things. The work that you have done to date is incredible, so here's to another decade of media monarchy.

    Anyway, I know you love your music, and I stumbled across this mash up on youtube, it is Muse vs Katy Perry (Firework vs Starlight) sung accapala by a choir!!


  2. Sometimes a cigar is just a smoke….. Before everyone jumps on the band wagon that says that Egyptian funerary devices at Whitney Houston's funeral are Illuminati symbols; remember that there is a strong sense of wish fulfillment among blacks that it was they that designed and crafted the pyramids and it was they that were the genius behind the Pharaonic thrones because there is, unfortunately, no lasting and permanent monuments dedicated the efflorescence of culture in sub-Saharan architecture.

  3. Anonymous

    February 28, 2012

    No apologies necessary. Haters be hatin' 24/7. Don't believe the hype…

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