Evolution – Devolution by Robert Wolff

Evolution - Devolution by Robert Wolff

Robert Wolff ponders timeless questions in his 2010 paper, evolution – devolution.”  Wolff implies in his writing how can mankind even suggest we’re the pinnacle of creation?  An odd fact gets tossed out,  man has destroyed more of the Earth in past 60 years than in previous 200,000 years of existence!  Wolff believes, mankind is clearly on wrong path, and intuitively, asks each individual to consider his  exhortation:

“Let go. Let go our need to boss. Let go our greed to have. Let go our seeking to improve when what we have is what there is. Let go our search for happiness, for love, for paradise — it’s all already in us. Happiness is a naked kid singing a little song as he pulls a rock on a string through the dirt. Love is what I give of myself; it needs no other. And paradise? I always thought that was kind of a raw deal: to be given peace and love and animals and plants, but the one thing I am not allowed is to know? Forget paradise. The world is a marvel, a miracle, a chaos of possibilities. What there is is all there is, so must be good enough.”

Wolff asks in more recent article,Have We Lost Our Humanity? This writer asks good questions and seems to have answers! 

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