Interview w/ Exene Cervenka of X

Interview w/ Exene Cervenka of X

Punk poet and living, loving legend Exene Cervenka of X joins us to talk about the future of everything: corporate culture, mind control music, mythical media, food freedom, Fallon, false flags and much more!


6 responses to “Interview w/ Exene Cervenka of X”

  1. jack Blood Avatar

    Bravo guys. I was fortunate enough to do two interviews with Exene back in the day. thanks for this…

  2. Todd Avatar

    The opening act of one of the first concerts I saw as a kid. Had a huge crush on Exene throughout. Crushing even harder now!
    Nice work James. I liked your work before and you took a huge step up with this one.

  3. Mark Avatar

    Great interview. After I woke up, one of the most heartbreaking things for me to deal with was the fact that heroes of mine like John Doe were not speaking up. Hearing Exene speak the truth warmed my heart.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    named my first born after this lady~

  5. Tono Rondone Avatar

    My band Frank Hymng opened for X at Berkeley Square in 1981, and John and Exene were right up front checking us out. John came up and shook my hand in congratulations and thanks after the set. Really nice people I was so glad to meet and play with. Their song "Los Angeles" is anthematic!

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