‘exercise mailed fist’: largest ever marine corps drill on US east coast

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'exercise mailed fist': largest ever marine corps drill on US east coastfrom cnn: It’s mid-June, a perfect time to visit the beach to watch porpoises play in the surf or seagulls strut the sand — or you could watch a formation of Marine Corps warplanes darting over the shore at hundreds of miles per hour. But don’t worry — the United States hasn’t declared war on your family’s beach house. It’s just part of a major Marine Corps exercise called Exercise Mailed Fist (translation: armored fist).

The exercise is designed to test the capability of every type of Marine Corps aircraft, including MV-22 Ospreys and F/A 18 Hornets, as well as some Navy ships and Air Force planes. The drill will stretch from Quantico Marine Base in northern Virginia to the Navy’s Pinecastle Bombing Range in Florida. With thousands of Marines and other service members involved, it’s the biggest such drill ever on the U.S. East Coast.

Exercise Mailed Fist is the first exercise of its specific kind and the largest 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing exercise conducted in recent history,” said Staff Sgt. Roman J. Yurek, Marine Corps spokesman. “In the past, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing units had to deploy to the West Coast to conduct this type of training.”

Mailed Fist was not originally supposed to be one big exercise. But the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing’s commander, Maj. Gen. Jon Davis, decided to combine several smaller drills into one big exercise. Not only do the Marines train closer to home, the Pentagon saves money.

Most of the exercises will take place in the skies above or near Marine bases along the North and South Carolina coast.

From Monday until Friday, vacationers “who are located near the bases … will see an increase in air and ground traffic at various times throughout the week, but there should be minimal impact on activity near beaches other than occasional fly-overs at relatively high altitudes,” the spokesman said.

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    Your "Fair Use" claim under title 17 usc section 107 is an incorrect understanding of the law. What you are doing is indeed THEFT. Should this website illegally use any of MY copyrighted material, I'll have no choice but to unceremoniously haul your ass into court and let a judge give you a much-deserved spanking.

    Theft is theft, whether done by the government or a wannabe "journalist".

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    I was on vacation once at Emerald Isle, NC near a major Marine Base, just by a matter of chance. During my stay I saw Harrier jets circle the area in perfect patterns for hours and hours on end practicing the providing of close air-support for the Marines on the ground. Heard cannons fired during artillery practice at 8 AM and felt the concussion of the rounds landing 30 seconds later even though I was miles away.

    At first it was unusual feeling, then very comforting to know that they never stop training– for any reason– all in an effort to keep average people like me very safely drunk and high, chilling on a NC beach.

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    ok 'anonymous', i'll make sure not to use any of YOUR copyrighted material…

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    I was having a friendly boxing match with my cat the other day. Afterwards he told me he was thinking of joining the United States Marine Corps. I asked him why. He told me he had heard the Marines were a bunch of pussies and so he thought he'd fit right in.
    You are entirely free to use my little story. I promise not to haul your ass anywhere.

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    Barbara I think maybe you are the pussy, afterall your the one playing with the cat. Keep playing with your kitty and let the big boys protect the pussies like you.

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    Nonny, there's no such word as afterall. But, thanks for protecting me, big boy.

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