Eye Witness to Murder at Bohemian Grove

Filmmaker Anthony Hilder interviews Peter Chernoff, who claims to be one of three people known to witness child sacrifice in the eighties at Bohemian Grove. Chernoff reveals his case involves Kevin Collins, a child reported missing in 1984 from San Francisco. Chernoff refers to the two other witnesses of ritualistic murder as Paul Bonacci, a mind control victim involved in the eighties Franklin Credit Union Scandal of Omaha,NE. The other witness is David Shurter, a satanic ritual abuse victim, whose story closely parallels the Franklin Scandal and recently published a book,Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story.” The Franklin Cover Up is still available online written by former Nebraska state senator John DeCamp. DeCamp asked personal friend and former CIA Director William Colby in 1991, taken from Foreword of his book: “what do Ronald Reagan, President George Bush, former CIA Director William E Colby, Democratic presidential candidate Bob Kerrey, billionaire and second richest man in America and now head of Salomon Brothers – Warren Buffett, and Ronald Roskens, the current administrator of the Agency for International Development, all have in common?”

“I give up,” former head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Colby said. “What could that group have in common?” “Three things,” I replied, “all of them a burden at times for those who have to carry them. The three things are me (John DeCamp), a case called Franklin and a man named Larry King.”

The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant, a 2009 treatment of the scandal, is more readable and reminds again this hideous pox on American life resides at the top! Chernoff makes that clear towards end of explosive six minute Hilder video interview by the names revealed! A never aired Discovery channel documentary, Conspiracy of Silence,” also covers scandal for those who may not ever come across it. The Chernoff interview and David Shurter’s book are explosive!

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