eyes only: [redacted]

in its            offices, the national security archive houses stockpiles of           , gotten from the government by           
eyes only: [redacted]from washington post: The National Security Archive is the house that FOIA built and a mecca for document buffs. Despite its official-sounding name, the archive is not a government agency. It’s an independent, nonprofit institute created in 1985 by a handful of reporters, historians and activists who’d been filing FOIA requests for documents related to American activities in the guerrilla wars then raging in Central America. Its first director was Scott Armstrong, a former Senate Watergate Committee staffer and Washington Post reporter. Armstrong finagled a grant from the Ford Foundation and borrowed office space at the Brookings Institution and soon he was filing hundreds of FOIA requests, many related to the big scandal of the ’80s, the Iran-contra affair. Naturally, these activities made him extremely unpopular with the Reagan administration.

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