‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Decoded: Part 1

'Eyes Wide Shut' Decoded:  Part 1

Vigilant Citizen (VC) takes “the profane” on a guided tour of Stanley Kubrick’s last film, Eyes Wide Shut to reveal occult meaning of what’s right in front of otherwise “eyes wide shut.”  A series of three articles, VC hands readers sets of glasses to give them the “eyes to see.”  First article begins with apt description of our modern couple: 

“Tom Cruise’s character is called Dr. Bill … as in dollar bill…If we look at the instinctive behavior of humans and animals, males primarily look for females that have good child-bearing qualities while females look for a strong provider. Remnants of this behavior still exist today as males tend to display wealth and power to attract females while females showcase their beauty to attract males. In Eyes Wide Shut, the couple perfectly follows that instinctive script…Played by Nicole Kidman, Alice lost her job in the art world and is now fully supported by her husband’s salary. While she lives very comfortably, Alice appears to be extremely bored with her life as a stay at home mother. The name Alice is most likely a reference to the main character of Alice in Wonderland – a fairy tale about a privileged girl who is bored with her life and who goes ‘through the looking glass’ to end up in Wonderland. In Eyes Wide Shut, Alice is often shown staring at the looking glass – grooming herself or … maybe looking for something more to life.”

Outwardly, our successful couple, Dr. Dollar Bill and Alice in Wonderland enjoy it all, but primal forces lurk just below surface.  VC reminds readers:  “While the couple shows signs of fatigue, Bill and Alice put on their ‘happy masks’ when it is time to attend social events. Like the elite people they socialize with, there is a big difference between the facade they put on and reality.”   It’s an Illuminati cliche, “there’s a price to be paid for success.” This may not be an earth-shattering insight, but small discontents can lead to greater dramas as seen in this movie. 

Kubrick adds a neon sign – an eight-pointed star (picture) to advertise theme of party. VC makes it clear for the uninitiated “….the inclusion of the star of Ishtar in this party is not an accident. Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war and, mostly, sexuality. Her cult involved sacred prostitution and ritual acts – two elements we clearly see later in the movie,”
a reminder of serious occult character of otherwise simple apparent debauchery.

Dr. Bill and Alice go their separate ways during party to experience their individual paths or inner journeys.   VC clues us in to oblique reference to Roman literature, when Alice encounters Sandor, who tries to seduce her:

“Alice meets a man named Sandor Szavost who asks her about Ovid’s Art of Love. This series of books, written during the times of Ancient Rome, was essentially a ‘How to Cheat on Your Partner’ guide, and was popular with the elite of the time. The first book opens with an invocation to Venus – the planet esoterically associated with lust. Interestingly enough, Ishtar (and her equivalents in other Semetic cultures) was considered to be the personification of Venus…Sandor drinks from Alice’s glass. This trick is taken right out of  Ovid’s The Art of Love. It sends Alice a message that is not very subliminal: ‘I want to exchange fluids with you’.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Bill similarly experiences his own temptation presented by two likely M K Ultra Beta Slaves, scenes identified with “rainbow” symbolism:

“…Bill is discussing with two flirtatious models who tell him that they want to take him to ‘where the rainbow ends’. While the meaning of this enigmatic phrase is never explicitly explained in the movie, symbols talk for themselves.

In Eyes Wide Shut, there are therefore two worlds: The Christmas lights-filled ‘rainbow world’, where the masses wander around, trying to make ends meet and the other world… ‘where the rainbow ends’- where the elite gathers and performs its rituals. The contrast between the two world give a sense of an almost insurmountable divide between them. Later, the movie will clearly show us how those from the ‘rainbow world’ cannot enter the other world.

So, when the models ask Bill the go ‘where the rainbow ends’, they probably refer to going  ‘where the elite gathers and performs rituals’. It might also be about them being dissociated Beta Programming slaves. There are several references to Monarch mind control (read this article for more information) in the movie. Women who take part in elite rituals are often products of Illuminati mind control. In MK Ultra vocabulary, ‘going over the rainbow’ means dissociating from reality and entering another persona.”

So, we can glean there are different meanings attached to “over the rainbow,” “end of the rainbow” and being “under the rainbow.”  Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow in “The Wizard of Oz” may never be viewed the same again – likely a song long used for programming slaves.

The bump in the road – a common occurrence in relationships and a turning point, Alice reveals her feelings of weakness and temptation to Bill. Alice’s revelation sets in motion Bill’s overt search for “new experiences” that lead to sobering circumstances when it involves the elite:

“…Alice tells Bill that she could have cheated on him at the party. When Bill tells his wife that he loves and trusts her, she completely loses it. She then proceeds to tell him a story about how she was once ready to cheat on him with a naval officer she met in a hotel. This cruel story highlights the ‘Ishtar’ side of Alice as she brings up in her husband feelings of jealousy, insecurity, betrayal and even humiliation. In short, Alice purposely summoned everything that is negative in relationships to pop Bill’s ‘love bubble’. This wake-up call prompts Bill to embark in a strange journey around New-York city, one that has multiple level of meanings. That strange night will ultimately lead him to the exact opposite of a monogamous relationship: Anonymous, masked copulation with strangers in a ritual setting.”

In Part 2, VC takes reader on an esoteric ride, passing scenes only encountered in secret societies.  Bill, for his part, shows ingenuity in gaining access to forbidden, dangerous places! Series, is clearly, some of Vigilant Citizen’s best work that captures atmosphere of “Eyes Wide Shut” perhaps better than film itself!

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