feds withdraw illegal nsl against archive.org

feds withdraw illegal nsl against archive.orgfrom raw story: The FBI has withdrawn an illegal National Security Letter seeking information from an online library and has lifted a gag order that until Wednesday prevented any discussion of the information request. Lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union and Electronic Frontier Foundation helped the Internet Archive push back against what they say was an overly broad and unlawful request for information on one of its users. The FBI issued its National Security Letter internetarchive_nslissued_20070119 (84kb PDF) in November, but ACLU, EFF and Archive officials were precluded from discussing it with anyone because of a gag order they say was unconstitutional.

update: senators ask fbi to explain flawed ‘national security letter’ to internet archive; csp or library?
from threat level: A bipartisan group of U.S. senators is asking internet_archive_mueller_letter_51508final (64kb PDF) FBI head Robert Mueller to explain why the feds sought records from the Internet Archive, a digital library, using a controversial administrative subpoena known as a National Security Letter, which is intended for a communications service providers.

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