fifties finest sci-fi movie doubleheader

fifties finest sci-fi movie doubleheaderYou think you have problems? Take in fifties finest sci-fi doubleheader and forget your own worries! Ray Harryhausen supplies special effects in 1956 film, Earth vs the Flying Saucers,” starring Hugh Marlowe. Humans misunderstand and fire upon aliens, who are monitoring Project Skyhook, which leads to retaliation and full scale invasion! Wouldn’t an alien invasion make you forget your own difficulties? Didn’t a President from Hollywood express a similar sentiment? In the 1953 film, It Came From Outer Space,” plot has humans assisting aliens until their malfunctioning craft is repaired.  The movie stars Richard Carlson and Barbara Rush. The quaint mood music of these films seems enchanting at this remote date!  Wikipedia entries for both movies, here and here, add to their enjoyment. Admission is free!

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