Fifties Retrovision: Mars and Beyond

Mars and Beyond is an hour program by Walt Disney aired originally in 1957. There’s technical reporting in these early television programs that don’t seem to make it into programs from subsequent decades!  The program provides overview of  space- ship and trip to Mars, would look like:  “…a trip to Mars would entail for a space crew and its vessels. Contributor/spacecraft designer Ernst Stuhlinger presents his design and details regarding a unique umbrella-shaped MarsShip: the top portion is a revolving outer quarters ring providing artificial gravity for the crew of 20, under “parasol” coolant tubes. At the other end is a sodium-potassium reactor to provide power to the midsection electric/ion drive. Attached upright is a chemically-fueled winged tail-lander. The mission shown involves six MarsShips, ultimately reaching 100,000 MPH, taking a 400-day spiral course to Mars where they would spend 412 days on the surface before returning,” according to Wikipedia.  There’s also a discussion of “life on Mars,”  but you’ll have to watch to find out!  

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