finally, a true voice of dissent: sen. mike gravel

finally, a true voice of dissent: sen. mike gravelfrom op-ed news: The Gravel truck is in full gear and Democrats better take note. Mike Gravel told the truth with righteous anger and touched a nation more than ready for the truth from its leaders – and would be leaders.

The reaction to Gravel’s performance has overwhelmed his campaign. His aides said they got more requests for interviews yesterday than in the first 12 months of the campaign.

Gravel’s website Mike Gravel for President 2008 could not handle the flood of hits after the debate, they said. Bloggers complained that they were ready to donate money but were unable to get into the website.

“He started out with less money than the cost of a John Edwards haircut,” said Elliott Jacobson, Gravel’s national finance director. Gravel told reporters after the debate: “We stayed in a $55 motel. I’ll hitchhike to the next debate if I have to.”

In case you missed the so-called debate – which, in reality, was Mike Gravel’s seven minutes of fame – here are those seven minutes of Mike Gravel telling his fellow candidates and the country the truth about George Bush, The Iraq War and how we can stop it – if we have the backbone.

now, if ron paul can do the same thing in the upcoming republican debate, we just might have an honest-to-god election campaign on our hands!

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