‘flame protection unit’ or chinese paramilitary police

'flame protection unit' or chinese paramilitary policefrom steve watson: A 30 man squad of crack trained Chinese paramilitary cops will today march through the streets of San Francisco, policing the one and only US stop on the Olympic torch relay, and tackling any American protesters who get in their way. The news follows revelations that the London and Paris Olympic torch relay stops were policed by an elite “Flame Protection Unit“, hand picked from special police units of the People’s Armed Police, China’s internal security force.

olympic torch relay was started by the nazis
olympic torch relay was started by the nazisfrom the sun: The Olympic flame dates from ancient Greece – but the torch relay was devised by the Nazis. Propaganda chief Carl Diem had the idea for the Berlin Olympics in 1936. The relay from Greece to Berlin was meant to represent the “progression” of Adolf Hitler’s “superior race”. It ended with a youth plunging the torch into the brazier at the Olympic Stadium. Despite its Nazi links, the concept of the eternal Olympic flame caught on.

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