‘Flossophy’ Fundraiser for Health-Conscious Kid’s Music Video

my girlfriend, the amazing cassie cohn, is currently raising funds for her latest directing project: a music video for ‘flossophy 101’, a health-conscious kid’s song by van oodlesif you support media monarchy, please consider a donation and help give this project some teeth!

‘flossophy 101’ fund raiser launched
‘Flossophy’ Fundraiser for Health-Conscious Kid’s Music Videofrom cassiecohn.com: We developed a script about a man (played by Van Oodles) who comes home and falls asleep without brushing or flossing his teeth. Then, has a series of nightmares where he is chased down by Hal Itsosis, Ginger Vitas and a gang of life-sized food particles (created by Mudeye Puppets). When he wakes up, he can’t wait to floss! We shot the beginning of the video in November, but now need your help raising funds to complete the production.

video: ‘flossophy 101’ fundraiser promo

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