Fluoridation victories continue as Washington town banishes toxic chemical from water supply

from naturalnews.com: Another victory has been won in the fight to protect the public against
water supplies intentionally poisoned with artificial fluoride
chemicals, this time in Woodland, Washington, a city located just 30
miles north of Portland, Oregon. As reported by The Daily News
online, the Woodland City Council recently voted 6-to-1 to stop adding
synthetic fluoride chemicals to its public water supply after it was
determined that the outmoded practice is both unsafe and ineffective.

Following the lead of nearby Portland, which back in May also decided to keep its
water supply pure and free of toxic industrial waste
, Woodland joins
many other scientifically progressive communities across the country
that have had enough of all the status quo, pro-fluoride rhetoric.
Citing a cohort of peer-reviewed studies and meta-analyses published in
recent years, vigilant Woodland residents were able to show the
receptive council that artificial fluoride is dangerous, and has no
place being added to water.

“I’m against my government medicating
me without my consent,” said Terry Day, a local resident, to the
council at a recent meeting.
Day was one of 20 other local residents who
showed up to oppose fluoride — not a single individual in favor of
artificial fluoridation showed up to the meeting to defend the practice.

to reports, all of Woodland’s councilmen had conducted their own
research prior to the meeting, and, with the exception of just one, came
to the conclusion that fluoridating the water needed to stop.
Councilman Ben Fredricks, for instance, expressed that cities have no
business adding fluoride chemicals, which are technically a drug, to water supplies without consent.

fluoride “allows decision makers without medical qualifications to do
to the whole community what a doctor is not allowed to do to his or her
patients,” Fredricks is quoted as saying.

Councilwoman Marilee McCall agrees, having also expressed concerns about
fluoride, and particularly its safety when ingested continually over
the course of one’s lifetime. She and Fredricks, along with four other
council members, voted to give back to the people of Woodland their
health freedom and allow individuals to choose whether or not to ingest
or use fluoride.

“Everyone has the opportunity to use [fluoride] topically as a toothpaste if they wish,” added Fredricks in his dissent against fluoridation. “Every doctor I go to knows they can’t force a patient to take a medicine without their informed consent.”

A fluoride-free Woodland means less government spending, improved public health.

Ending the fluoridation program in Woodland will also result in
taxpayer savings of up to $5,000 per year, which is what the city used
to spend to truck in the industrial waste and dump it into the water.
Contrary to popular myth, the fluoride chemicals added to public water
supplies are not natural but rather are derived from industrial
processing byproducts, which typically also contain lead, arsenic,
mercury, cadmium, radionuclides and other poisonous compounds.

is free to use fluoride-containing toothpaste, or to add fluoride to
their diet,”
wrote one commenter on a related article about the
decision. “Why compel the entire population, including millions of
children, to ingest a substance which is, AT BEST, of unknown toxicity?”

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