Fluoride Toothpaste Poison for your Brain Reducing Kids IQ’s!

from experimentalvaccines.org: While living in the most controlled experimental society in human history I have become aware of the giant amount of truth that has been swept under the rug. Believe me when I tell you to be careful when looking under this rug for when you dig up the past all you get is dirty. When looking at fluoride through a pair of “They Live” glasses you start to realize just how screwed we really are. Fluoride Toothpaste Poison for your Brain Reducing Kids IQ’s!. It turns out that Sodium Fluoride is a neurotoxin that not only damages your bones but lowers your IQ. Let’s take a look at what the EPA, CDC, ADA and the HHS has to say when it comes to human consumption of sodium fluoride also known as Sodium fluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid in both your water and toothpaste.

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