Flux Transfer Event: When a Portal Opens In Earth’s Magnetosphere

Flux Transfer Event: When a Portal Opens In Earth’s MagnetosphereAre Flux Transfer Events (FTE) the new bogeyman or a treacherous secret weapon? The present writer can see where these brief but frequent breaches of the Earth’s magnetosphere, could be used for propaganda purposes. There is a growing amount of press coverage about FTE, since the cluster THEMIS spacecraft flew through and measured them, first, in 2007. These highly dynamic interruptions in the magentosphere allow the flow of solar wind into the Earth’s atmosphere. These breaches or holes, which resemble rolling pins in appearance, are believed to occur every eight minutes. David Siebeck, a space physicist at the Goddard Space Center, “Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn’t exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible,” revealed at the 2008 Plasma Workshop in Huntsville, AL. The workshop’s subject and title was, “The Physical Processes for Energy and Plasma Transport across Magnetic Boundaries”. Tony Phillips, a NASA writer, explains FTE in a detailed 2008 article, “Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to the Sun“. Phillips describes an FTE as forming along the equator on the dayside of the earth and roll over the north pole in December and the south pole in July. Is this the new norm?

Mike Adams speculates on a theory behind recent events such as dead birds and fish, an accelerating drift of the magnetic pole towards Siberia and our weakening magnetosphere in a current article at Natural News.com. Adams admits his theory is purely speculative, but does make thought-provoking observations. The breaches in the magnetosphere are connected to an ongoing pole shift and holes in a weakened magnetosphere allow poisonous Noctilucent Space Clouds, composed of hydrogen cyanide in. Adams connects these highly radar reflective noctilucent clouds to the report on the radar monitors at the North Little Rock Weather Service on the night of the mass bird die off.

“The most likely explanation is that the birds were killed in-flight by changes in the composition of the air they were breathing. And as it turns out, Noctilucent clouds are largely made of a poisonous gas known as Hydrogen Cyanide,” writes Adams.

Dr. Brooks Agnew, in a January 13 interview on Freedomlink Radio HR 2-3, reveals HAARP was checked for the time of the Arkansas bird die off, but could not find any activity. Agnew, after reading autopsies of the birds, contends they died of high altitude sickness either suffocated or could not assimilate oxygen. The bird’s physical injuries were due to hitting the ground, observing birds who landed in trees or soft areas did not suffer internal injuries.

Adams takes his thoughts to the next level by suggesting HAARP could be altering the magnetosphere. HAARP does punch holes in the ionosphere. Adams doesn’t rule out secret weapons tests and believes hydrogen cyanide could reach ground levels! Wow!

Perhaps, Adams goes off the charts with his endgame comments tied to his theory. “Aim your weapons at the atmosphere above an enemy city, fire it up and wait for Hydrogen cyanide gas to kill off everybody in a minute or two. Then you turn off your beam weapon and play it all off as some sort of “freak natural disaster” or unexplained atmospheric mystery.” The present writer agrees with Adams this is new phenomena not just newly discovered. Biblical mass animal die-offs attest to it. The reader can decide whether this is all natural phenomena?

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