food banks across the country hit by hunger, thieves

salvation army's food pantry almost empty

food banks across the country hit by hunger, thieves

from rocky mount telegram: Food is in short supply at the area’s Salvation Army pantries. For the first time in a long time, local Salvation Army staff members have reported a severe shortage in nonperishable food donations coming into the organization. “We just ran out of food this week, and we have very limited funds,” Salvation Army Capt. Lorie Hunter said. “Donations usually decline this time of year, whereas there is a flux around the holidays. We’ve also had an increase in families needing food.” The Salvation Army provided 162 families with food in May and 97 families with food in June, she said. They already have had more than 100 families come in for assistance this month. The organization usually buys one-half to a third of what is distributed to families, and now staff members are having to buy more food on their own, she said.

thieves target mountlake terrace food bank
from king 5 news: Thieves have stolen gasoline from a food bank truck three times, and the operators say all it’s doing is hurting families in need. The latest burglary cost the Concern for Neighbors Food Bank nearly $300. The non-profit says that money would have paid for a week's worth of milk for the families it serves. The first time, the thieves simply opened up the gas tank, put in a hose and siphoned the gas out. So, the food bank bought locking gas caps. That didn't matter because the second time, the thieves went underneath the truck, pulled off the cap and took it that way. It's the third time that's been the costliest. The fuel line was cut. Sixty volunteers run the food bank and on average serve 200 families. Bob Jenista is one of the volunteers and he also sits on the Board of Directors. "It makes me sad because all of us volunteers are putting our heart and soul into the food bank to take care of our clients,” he said. “Anytime something like this happens, it's that much less we can do." Just last week, 13 new families signed up for help. Bob says over the past couple of years, they've seen the need increase by one-third. That's why they simply can't afford setbacks like this one.

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