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Botanists Baffled By Rapid Growth of ‘Space Cherry’

Botanists Baffled By Rapid Growth of 'Space Cherry'from ajw.asahi.com: A tree grown from a cherry pit that traveled in space five years ago with astronaut Koichi Wakata, now commander of the International Space Station, has bloomed far ahead of what is normal--to the astonishment of botanists. Cherry trees typically take about a decade from the time they sprout from seeds to bloom. The cherry pit was one of around 265 produced from the fruit of the famous 1,250-year-old “Chujohimeseigan-zakura” cherry tree grown in the compound of the Ganjoji temple here, which traces its roots to the seventh century. In the "space cherry" project organized by Tokyo-based Japan Manned Space Systems Corp., the space-going pits were rocketed to the International Space Station in 2008, and returned to Earth in July 2009 with Wakata, now 50.

 (h/t The Gardening Apprentice)

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