Botanists Baffled By Rapid Growth of ‘Space Cherry’

Botanists Baffled By Rapid Growth of 'Space Cherry'from A tree grown from a cherry pit that traveled in space five years ago with astronaut Koichi Wakata, now commander of the International Space Station, has bloomed far ahead of what is normal–to the astonishment of botanists. Cherry trees typically take about a decade from the time they sprout from seeds to bloom. The cherry pit was one of around 265 produced from the fruit of the famous 1,250-year-old “Chujohimeseigan-zakura” cherry tree grown in the compound of the Ganjoji temple here, which traces its roots to the seventh century. In the “space cherry” project organized by Tokyo-based Japan Manned Space Systems Corp., the space-going pits were rocketed to the International Space Station in 2008, and returned to Earth in July 2009 with Wakata, now 50.

 (h/t The Gardening Apprentice)

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