Forbidden History: Timeline of The New World Order

Forbidden History: Timeline of The New World OrderForbidden History provides “an epic timeline” of the New World Order (NWO). “From the days of the French Revolution, to Napoleon Bonaparte, to Andrew Jackson, to Karl Marx, to the Rothschild-Communist overthrow of Russia’s Czar, to the horrible World Wars of the 20th century, to the Cold War, to the JFK assassination, to the “women’s movement” to the Global Warming Hoax, to the “fall of communism”, to the 9/11 attacks & the “War On Terror”, to the Obama disaster and beyond – the common thread of the NEW WORLD ORDER crime gang links all of these events together,” summarizes webpage. You begin study of NWO for free up to 1939, it’s five dollars for a password to access the balance or get sneak peeks by signing up for email. Timeline provides a parsimonious banking history of United States. War of 1812 is summarized from a NWO perspective: “…the very strange War of 1812 was actually a Bank War Like the first Bank, this one also has a 20 year charter, is also a privately held corporation, and its principal shareholders are also linked to the New York-London axis.” The banking charter catches one’s eye! A critical thinker is left to wonder what an end to the Federal Reserve Bank charter in December 2013 would bring? Writer Susanne Posel shows creative foresight to ponder what our future may bring “…if the charter and control of the Federal Reserve is coming to a close within less than two years how would alternative means of ensuring control be put into place if the Congress did not reup the charter for the Fed?” Has Posel explained everything up to December 2013? The present writer suspects Posel is close to the truth – please read and find out!

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