friday the 13th & the templar origins of freemasonry

from freeman: Friday the 13th is a day of infamy. Why is it considered so unlucky? Luckily, Brave New Books sponsors speakers, like Freeman, to discuss such issues. This is Freeman with an audience, uncut and uncensored at Brave New Books on the 699th anniversary of the demise of the Knights Templar.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    pyramids on mars?

    comon now. this is your typical internet drivel devoid of the credentials that are concurrent with legitimate, scholarly research.

    “I belive the martians came down to earth and took over…”

    ok, right.

    I would venture to guess this guy smokes the ‘mary jane’ and thus has trouble distiguishing reality from what exists only in his imagination. He might make a decent fiction writer like Hubbard, Ovason or that guy who wrote the Davinci Code.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    “I predicted 9/11 to the day”

    well, thanks… good for you.


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