geopolitikal updates: pretending, posturing & provocations

putin pretends to be tourist during reagan ’88 visit to moscow*
putin pretending to be a tourist during reagan’s 1988 visit to moscowrussian planes again fly over US navy*
china to launch joint antiterror drill w/ russia*
making a killing: china tops execution list*
100 american soldiers arriving in philippines for wargames*
milosevic death squad leader ‘was top cia agent’*
peres contradicts obama, urges iranians to ‘topple’ their govt*
france to compensate nuclear test victims*
bangladesh orphanage run by uk charity trained jihadis*
north korea readies missile, makes new threat*
japan has decided to shoot down north korea missile*
north korea warns against un action on rocket*
US deploys warships as north korea prepares to launch missile*

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